Here's our Hardware Tip for.. September 13, 2002
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A New Pointing Device--Part 3 of 4
You'll hear a lot of advice and marketing hype regarding pointing devices that alleviate repetitive stress injuries (RSI). The problem is that very few, if any, of these devices eliminate or even reduce the issues involving RSI. In part, it is the nature of RSI--specifically, it occurs because you have to repeat the same hand and wrist movements, no matter what the device, in order to position your cursor.

What some people find more effective is to regularly change the hand that controls the pointing device--meaning that you switch from your right to your left hand or vice versa. This change reduces the amount of RSI suffered by one hand, giving your tendons and joints a little time to recover. This approach may sound crazy, but most people get used to it after the first 30 minutes or so of awkwardness. Remember to switch the mouse buttons (right to left and left to right) using the Control Panel software settings.