Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. November 22, 1999
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Using A Picture In Your Slide's Background
PowerPoint lets you insert virtually any picture in your slide's background. To make the picture fit, PowerPoint stretches it to fill your slide from edge to edge. To prevent distortion, it's best to use a graphic that's the same proportion and orientation as your slide--usually a 4:3 ratio for onscreen slide shows or a 3:2 ratio for 35mm slides. Once you've selected a picture, just follow these steps to place it in your slide's background:

1. Right-click the slide and choose Background. 2. Click the drop-down arrow beneath the slide preview. 3. Choose Fill Effects. 4. Click the Picture tab and then the Select Picture button. 5. Locate your picture and click the Insert button. 6. Click OK in the Fill Effects dialog box. 7. Click the Preview button in the Background dialog box. 8. If you're satisfied with the appearance of the graphic on the slide, click one of the Apply buttons: * Choose Apply to use the background picture in the current slide. * Choose Apply To All to use the background picture in every slide in the presentation.