Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. October 10, 2002
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Outlook Express and Blank Messages
In the last tip, we discussed the problem of blank email messages. If you use Outlook Express 5 or 6 (not sure about earlier versions), you can automatically move all blank messages to a special folder.

Run Outlook Express and choose File|Folder|New. When the Create Folder dialog box opens, click "Local Folders" to select it and then click in the "Folder name" entry box and enter Virus. Click OK to your new folder and close the dialog box. Choose Tools|Message Rules|Mail. When the dialog box opens, click the Mail Rules tab (if necessary) and then click New. Now, select the check box labeled "Where the message body contains specific words."

Next, select the "Move it to the specified folder" check box. Under "3. Rule Description" click "Contains specific words." Now, type in a and press Enter, then type e and press Enter. Repeat this procedure for i, o, and u. This adds all the English vowels to the list.

Next, under "Apply rule if," select the radio button labeled "Message does not contain the words below." Click OK to continue. Under "3. Rule Description," click "specified" and then double-click the new Virus folder. Click OK to close the dialog box. Back in Message Rules, click OK to save your selections and close the dialog box.

Outlook Express will now move any message with no body text to the Virus folder.