Here's our Hardware Tip for.. April 9, 1999
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Of all the hardware tips available, perhaps none is more important than the overall picture of your work environment, everything from hardware position and layout, to how well you can actually manipulate it all. There's even been studies aimed at creating a healthy work environment. This study is called Ergonomics.

What is Ergonomics? This term is often used and often misunderstood. Ergonomics is a science that addresses human performance and well-being in relation to various types of jobs, equipment, tools, and environment. So Ergonomics as it's related to computers is concerned with the interactions among a person using a computer, the work methods and tools employed when using a computer, and the work area. Personalizing your environment so that it is comfortable for your work situation promotes a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. Studies show that a carefully planned work environment can actually increase productivity. Of course, only you can judge what is best for you.

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