Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. April 8, 1999
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Download IE5 for more than one OS
There's one huge change in the Internet Explorer 5.0 setup program over the one found in IE4. You now have a choice to download for one or more operating systems in one shot. It used to be, that if you were running a machine that dual-booted between Win9x and Windows NT, you had to endure two long downloads in order to grab separate versions for each OS. That never really made much sense since the majority of downloaded files were identical from one OS to the other anyway. This way, you can grab all of the common files as well as the ones that are different, resulting in a much smaller download than having to do it twice.

To access this option you must first select the option to Download Only (as opposed to Install Now). To see how to do this, see our article IE5 - What's New ..and what's gone!.