Here's our Hardware Tip for.. April 30, 1999
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Microsoft® Cordless PC Phone System
The Microsoft Cordless Phone System is much more than an ordinary phone or answering machine. It is the first 900MHz cordless phone that links to your PC to help you manage your calls and messages with greater control and flexibility.

By combining the power of the PC and the intuitive Microsoft Call Manager software, the Microsoft Cordless Phone System helps you manage your busy life.**

The Microsoft Phone System is easy to use. Once the software is installed and you've entered some names in the address book, you can start using the phone system like any other phone, in any room in your house.

Features and Benefits

The Microsoft Call Manager software running on your PC gives you more convenience and flexibility than other phones because it includes Voice Command dialing, enhanced Caller ID features, and a sophisticated voice mail system.

Use Voice Command for fast and easy dialing:

  • Place calls by speaking into your phone and saying a simple phrase like "Call Mom" or "Call the Office."
  • Recognizes up to 40 different names and numbers.
  • Navigate through your messages using voice commands.

    New ways to handle calls using Caller ID*:
    Caller ID announce: Let your phone or PC announce caller's name before you pick up the phone. You can answer, or let the call go to voice mail.

    Private Greetings: Create private greetings for different callers, like "Hi Tom, we're not home right now. Please leave a message."

    Caller Priorities: Assign priorities to incoming calls:

  • Let high priority callers ring through while Do Not Disturb is on.
  • Send other calls right to voicemail.
  • Block unwanted calls.

    Includes a sophisticated home voice mail system:
    Create multiple mailboxes for personal or business calls.

    Track Calls Automatically - with Caller ID, Call Manager records name, phone number, date, time and duration of last 1,000 calls.

    Retrieve messages stored on your PC from anywhere - your cordless handset, the PC, or from a remote phone. The 40 channel, 900MHz cordless phone gives you greater range and clarity than a standard cordless phone.

    *Use of Caller ID features requires that you subscribe to a Caller ID service through your local telephone company.
    **Microsoft Corldess Phone does not require use of a PC for placing or receiving calls. Your PC must be on and Call Manager software running for Voice Mail, Caller ID and Voice Command dialing features.

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