Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. March 10, 2003
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Controlling Your Slide Shows--Part 2 of 4
In a previous tip, we showed you how to take a little more control over how PowerPoint displays your slide shows. You learned how to use the mouse to go to the next or previous slides and to jump to any slide in a presentation instantly.

However, that's not they only way to move around a slide presentation:

  • Press N to move to the next slide or P to move to the previous one.
  • PageDown and PageUp also move you forward and backward respectively.
  • The Right Arrow and Left Arrow and Down Arrow/Up Arrow pairs will move you back and forth.
  • You can also press Enter or Spacebar to move forward a slide or Backspace to move back one.

    If your presentation gets interrupted, you can use the following keys to blank out the screen:

  • Press B or the Period key to blank the screen to black.
  • Press W or Comma to make the screen go white.

    When you're ready to resume your regularly scheduled PowerPoint programming, press the same key again to redisplay the slide you were on; or press any of the slide show navigation keys we mentioned earlier to "unblank" the screen and move to the next or previous slide.