Here's our Hardware Tip for.. March 14, 2003
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iPAQ Tips--Part 1 of 6
hp's Pocket PC, the iPAQ h5400 and h1910 have arrived. If you buy one, don't expect to start using it immediately. There are a few gotchas that you need to be aware of.

The h5400 series device supports USB charging, meaning you don't need to connect the AC adapter to the cradle in order to charge the device. It will draw power from the USB port. If you use this feature, you should be aware that it may cause a few problems with synchronization. Disabling it has resolved quite a few problems for users, especially if you have an under powered USB port and don't know it.

The h1910 series device is one of the thinnest and smallest Pokcet PC devices available today. However, it does not support the h3600-h3900 compatible sleeves. It also doesn't support SDIO expansion, even though it has an SD slot.