Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 28, 2003
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FTP Me...Or Not
It's true that FrontPage offers a nifty publishing tool that makes it easy to post your Web page to a server, but some folks still like to send their files the old-fashioned way--that is, they like to FTP them, or use File Transfer Protocol. We've had a number of questions about why you can't/shouldn't FTP files when publishing a FrontPage web.

The bottom line: FrontPage uses another protocol (Hypertext Transport Protocol, or HTTP) to transfer files to servers that are FrontPage enabled. When you use FrontPage's Publish feature, you make it easier for your web to communicate with the FrontPage-enabled server, making the transfer complete and accurate. Specifically, when FrontPage uses HTTP, it knows which files it should and should not transfer.

The flip side of this is that when you use FTP to publish your web page, you may run into some problems. For example, you may accidentally overwrite some settings, creating some strange effects on your published web or possibly even preventing access to the Web page. This is why you'll find that Web administrators encourage you to use FrontPage's Publish feature, rather than doing the FTP workaround.