Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 19, 1999
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Search and Replace
This utility is loved by programmers, webmasters, & novice computer users alike. If you need to find and replace text, or just find text, this utility is a must have.

Search and Replace for Windows is fast and easy to use. Separate programs for Windows 3.x and Windows 95/NT are provided at no extra charge. It is significantly faster than other Windows grep only utilities and allows replacing for the same price as those programs which offer only grep capabilities.

Search and Replace looks through multiple files for a string and can also replace it with another string. It can search subdirectories and ZIP files and do case sensitive or insensitive searches. File masks let you specify which files to operate on, including which files in ZIPs. It has extensive support for regular expression search & replacements, including operations that span more than one line. Replacements can be made one string at a time, one file at a time, all at once (no prompts), or various combinations in-between such as skipping all remaining occurrences in a file. Includes an easily understood script editor for use with frequent &/or complex, multi-step search/replace operations. The internal context viewer allows you to edit text files. You can also "Touch" files (change time/date stamp).

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