Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 12, 1999
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Everyone hates those unsolicited and annoying messages that find their way into your e-mail. These messages can range from advertisements for things you have no need for, to blatant and illegal scam operations attempting to get at your personal information or credit cards. Kill spam dead in its tracks!

SpamEx™ comes with a list of over 17,500 known "Spammers" (which is updated automatically) and will automatically scan your mailbox at set intervals, checking new messages against the Spam List. If a Spam message is found, it is automatically removed from your mail.

SpamEx™ also provides you with unlimited custom ways to prevent Spam from finding its way to your mailbox. In addition to the list of known Spammers, you can also set any number of "Rules" that SpamEx™ will use when checking your mail. For example, we all know that most Spam messages have something to do with money. You can set up SpamEx™ to check the subject of your e-mail messages for the word "money", or the existence of dollar signs ($), etc. The possibilities are endless!

SpamEx™ also allows you to add the domain names of any messages that slip through the cracks to your custom set of rules so that you will never have to see another message from that Spammer again.

If that's not enough, SpamEx™ can also optionally send a custom reply letter to the Spammer, and a letter of complaint to that Spammer’s domain administrator.

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