Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. April 1, 1999
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The Internet Explorer 5.0 Easter Eggs!
What would a major new release from Microsoft be without an Easter Egg (those hidden routines added in by the original programmers for their, and your amusement)? Internet Explorer 5.0 is no exception. Better still, in IE5, they included more than one. Here they are:

    IE 5.0 Easter Egg #1
  1. Start Notepad
  2. Type "" (exactly as it appears here, without the quotes)
  3. Save the file as test.htm (it must be saved as an HTM file)
  4. Double-click test.htm to open it in IE 5
If you don't feel like going though all that, no problem. Just click here to see the one we already wrote for you. The really strange part about this particular Easter Egg is that it will also work in IE4, only with a completely different effect.
Clicking this link using Netscape or any other browser will probably just render a blank page.
    IE 5.0 Easter Egg #2
  1. Start IE 5
  2. From the menu, select Tools, Internet Options, General, then click the Languages button
  3. Press the Add button
  4. Type "ie-ee" (without the quotes) and click OK
  5. Move User Defined [ie-ee] to the top of the list
  6. Exit back to where you can browse in IE 5 again
  7. Click on the Search toolbar button (to open Search Assistant)
  8. Click Customize
  9. Also, select Previous Searches