Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. October 8, 2003
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Removing the Favorites Folder from the Start Menu
Some people like being able to access their Favorites from just about anywhere in Windows 98, while others, like a reader named Roger, find the Favorites ubiquity a little annoying. If you're someone who never uses the Favorites area of the Start menu, you can remove it, provided you're comfortable editing the Registry. (Note: As always, we recommend first backing up your Registry files--User.dat and System.dat, hidden files on the root of your hard drive.)

Start the Registry Editor by going to Start, Run, and typing


Navigate to


In the right window pane, right-click in the white area and select New, DWORD Value. Name the value NoFavoritesMenu. Then double-click this new icon and enter the number 1 in the Value box, and click OK. Exit the Registry Editor and restart Windows, and your Favorites will be gone from the Start menu. If you ever want to revert to having the Favorites on the Start menu, you can navigate back to this point, double-click the NoFavoritesMenu icon, and enter a value of 0.