Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 13, 1999
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Justify One Line in Publisher
Chances are you know about justification--aligning your paragraph so that each line begins flush with the left margin, and each line but the last line ends flush with the right margin. But have you ever tried to create an "airier" headline or title by justifying just one line?

Normally, Publisher won't do it, because it won't justify a one-line paragraph. But you can trick it into doing so. First, create a text frame as wide as you want your line of text to be. Next, click the Justified button on the Formatting toolbar--or press Ctrl-J. Then type your line of text, typing a space between each letter of each word, and three spaces between each word (but don't type any spaces after the last word). Finally, press Shift-Enter to insert a hard carriage return--and fool Publisher into "thinking" the paragraph has more than one line! Publisher spreads your headline perfectly across the text frame.