Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. March 4, 1999
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Go to My Computer
One of the more common complaints about Windows 9x is that it's a pain to get to the desktop from an application window. It's less of a problem after you install Internet Explorer 4. For example, suppose you open your Data folder and then open one of the data files. So now you're working in your word processor, but you'd like to check on the disk in Drive A. Press Alt-Tab and select the Data folder. Now choose Go, My Computer and click on Drive A. That's all there is to it, no minimizing the window and then clicking on My Computer.

There's more. Now you're finished with My Computer and need to get back to your Data folder. Just press the Backspace key and Windows will navigate back to your Data folder. Remember that the Back and Forward arrows, one of the coolest features of browsers, let you navigate the folders on your desktop now too.