Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. December 1, 2003
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Creating A Watermark--Part 1 of 2
It's simple to include a logo or other graphic on every slide in your presentation. First, choose View, Master, Slide Master. Once in Slide Master (or Title Master) view, choose Insert, Picture, From File (or Clip Art) and choose the graphic you want to add. Once the graphic's in PowerPoint, size and position it to taste, then return to Slide view. Voila!

With some graphics and logos, the result may be a little too intrusive, especially if you plan to add text atop the graphic on some of your slides. If you want something a little more subtle, try converting your graphic into a watermark. First, select the graphic you just inserted. The Picture toolbar should appear when you select the graphic; if not, choose View, Toolbars and select the Picture option. Click the Image Control button on the Picture toolbar (the second button from the left) and click Watermark on the pop-up menu that appears. PowerPoint fades the graphic back to a ghosted watermark image.