Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. December 29, 2003
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Creating A Watermark--Part 2 of 2
We learned in our previous tip how to turn your graphics into watermarks using PowerPoint's Watermark feature. You may find that this feature doesn't always work well with your graphics, especially if they're light to begin with, or if you want a specific amount of lightening for a particular graphic.

PowerPoint's automatic watermark is an all-or-nothing, take-it-or-leave-it deal, but you CAN take more control over the way your watermarked images look.

Let's assume that you've just inserted a graphic as explained in our previous tip. Select the graphic, then when the Picture Formatting toolbar appears, use the More Contrast, Less Contrast, More Brightness, and Less Brightness buttons (the third through sixth buttons from the left, respectively) on the Picture toolbar to get exactly the effect you're after.

Try lowering the contrast first, then increasing the brightness. This usually gets you directly to the desired effect.

Don't worry about messing up the image. If things get out of hand, click Reset Picture (the button on the far right of the Picture Formatting toolbar) to reset the picture to exactly the state it was in when you first inserted it