Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. March 10, 2004
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Dragging and Dropping Program Files in the Start Menu
Perhaps the most commonly asked question from readers of these tips is how to sort the Programs menu in alphabetical order. Once again, the trick is to go to Start, Programs and then make sure that you move your cursor to the right, so that your cursor is inside the actual list of programs. Then you just right-click and choose Sort By Name.

This works with Favorites, too. Please note that in both these cases, unfortunately, new programs and Favorites are always added to the bottom of the list, so you'll have to re-sort them later. A reader named Barry wrote in to point out that you can also drag and drop the shortcuts in the list of programs, just in case you want to move the most frequently accessed programs to the top. Just go to Start, Programs and then click and hold on a program or folder. Drag it and release to move it where you like.