Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. April 28, 2004
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The Wild Ones
A reader pointed out that you can use wildcards to change directories in the Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Command Prompt window. This is a big help if you need to go to a directory with a long name. Let's suppose, for example, that you're in the root directory of drive C and you'd like to move to the Program Files directory (folder). You can type


press Enter, and there you are.

What if you have more than one match? Don't worry--NT won't get confused and hang up; you'll simply end up at the first folder that matches the wildcard specs. You can check this out, if you like. Open the Command Prompt window and (from the root), type

md "Program Files and Much More"

If you now enter


as before, you'll still end up at c:\Program Files. But if you type


and press Enter, Windows NT will take you to c:\Program Files and Much More.

When you finish with your testing, you may want to get rid of that new directory. To do this, go to the root directory (cd\) and type

rd \"Program Files and Much More"

then press Enter.