Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. May 17, 2004
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Whatever Drive Letter You Want
In one of our last tips, we told you how to change the designation of the drive you use to listen to music CDs. But if you want to know if there's a way to permanently change the drive assignment without making any hardware changes, check this out. You can use Disk Administrator to change the drive designations.

Let's imagine that you just installed a new CD-ROM drive--and you want to use the new one as your primary drive. The only thing is, the Setup program installed it as Drive E rather than D. Now, you decide to add something to one of your programs, and the Setup looks for files on Drive D. So, you may want to make the new drive Drive D.

Click Start, Programs, Administrative Tools (Common), Disk Administrator. Choose View, Volumes. Now click Drive D to select it and then choose Tools, Assign Drive Letter. When the Assign Drive Letter dialog box opens, use the spin box to select an unused letter--something like X will do. Click OK and then click Yes in the next dialog box.

After this change has taken place, click Drive E to select it and choose Tools, Assign Drive Letter. Assign the letter D to this drive. Click OK and then click Yes again when the warning dialog box opens. Now select your new drive letter (X) and choose Tools, Assign Drive Letter again. This time, assign E to the drive and click OK and Yes. Now you can close Disk Administrator (choose Partition, Exit), and the new drive will be Drive D while the old drive becomes Drive E.