Here's our Hardware Tip for.. May 21, 2004
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Ergonomic Wrist Pads
Wrist pads still remain controversial in the ergonomic hardware realm. The companies that manufacture wrist pads (the long foam pads that sit between you and your keyboard as a resting-place for your wrists) generally claim the pads help prevent repetitive stress injuries associated with typing and mouse use. However, physical therapists and other medical people generally say quite the opposite--that the wrist/arm position resulting from wrist pad use often exacerbates repetitive stress problems.

Before buying wrist pads it's definitely best to monitor your own wrist/arm position while typing. Check for diagrams in a book on typing to get a good sense of the straight wrist, raised arms typing method that most experts agree is least tiring for your limbs and joints. If your wrists still hurt after using the proper typing technique for awhile, then maybe you should investigate products that aid repetitive stress problems.