Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. June 1, 2004
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Troubleshooting Damaged Presentations--Part 2 of 4
In a previous PowerPoint tip, we explained how you can eliminate video settings and drivers as possible causes of problems with PowerPoint. Before moving on, we'll mention one other system-level thing you'll want to check: your printer driver.

PowerPoint can become very unhappy indeed if it wakes up to find that you don't have any printers installed, or if none are set as your default printer, or even if it doesn't like the installed default printer on your system. Click Start, Settings, Printers to verify that you do have a printer driver installed.

If the only icon in the Printers dialog box is the Add New Printer Wizard, double-click it and add a printer driver. Choose the driver for the printer attached to your computer, if any. Otherwise, choose a generic PostScript driver like the Apple Laserwriter II NTX or QMS Colorscript printer. If you already have one or more printer drivers installed, make sure one is set to be the default printer. Right-click the printer you normally prefer to use and choose Set As Default from the context menu. The printer you set as default should be a normal printer driver, not a fax driver or some other driver that emulates but really isn't a printer.