Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. June 21, 2004
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Use the Whole Disk--Part 1 of 2
If you use more than one hard disk drive or more than one partition, you can easily use any currently unused space by turning that space into a Volume or Stripe set.

To see if you have any free space, click Start--Administrative Tools--Computer Management. When Computer Administrator opens, choose Disk Management under the Storage Tree. If you see two areas of unassigned free space, click the first one, and then press Ctrl and click the second space. This selects both areas.

Let's say that your free space appears on two partitions of the same disk drive. Choose Partition, Create Volume Set. When the Create Volume Set dialog box opens, click OK to continue. This will create a single volume using both areas of free space.

To format your new volume, right-click it and choose Assign Drive Letter. When the dialog box opens, assign a drive letter and click OK. Right-click the new volume again, and this time choose Commit Changes Now. When the confirmation dialog box opens, click Yes. Now, right-click the volume and choose Format. When the format dialog box opens, click Start. Note: Make sure you right-click the new volume and not some other volume--you don't want to accidentally format an existing drive or partition. When the formatting finishes, click Close.

You should be able to begin using your new volume immediately.