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SnagIt has been setting the standard since 1990. Today SnagIt is the most powerful Windows multimedia capture tool available. A brief overview of SnagIt:
  • Image Capture Capture the screen, a window or an arbitrary rectangle at the touch of the hot key. Special support for capturing menus and repeated captures of fixed-sized images, such as icons and buttons.
  • Video Capture Capture desktop animation sequences, including video and user interface activities. Optionally add a voice-over during capture. Great for training, multimedia clips and user help documentation.
  • Text Conversion Convert most text blocks on the Windows desktop to machine readable text, even where Cut and Paste does not work. Examples include text blocks in Encarta, the directory and files windows of the Windows 95 File Explorer, and the message header windows in the Exchange Client. This is an essential productivity tool. This feature is available for Windows 95 and Windows 98 only.
  • Active Capture™ Capture the entire contents of scrolling windows. Ideal for capturing web pages and unprintable lists. Works with both Image Capture and Text Conversion.
  • Capture Destinations SnagIt sends the captured image to the printer, the clipboard, a graphic file or as an e-mail attachment, all at the press of a simple "hotkey".
  • Preview Window Preview the captured image before saving or printing.
  • Thumbnail Browser Includes a full featured browser tool to easily manage and manipulate image, text, and AVI files.
  • Image Processing Supports professional quality image processing effects and controls (e.g. rotate, flip, shear, solarize, sharpen, blur, mosaic, emboss, underlay, edge detection, invert, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, histogram equalize, etc.) Excellent for working with photographic images.
  • Graphic File Output File formats supported include GIF, JPEG, TIF, PCX, PNG, BMP and AVI. SnagIt creates Internet-ready files, i.e. interlaced GIF and progressive JPEG. Transparent GIF support. Over a dozen other formats are also supported.
  • Scale Image Increase or decrease the size of the captured image. Smooth scaling for preserving detail and readability of text and screen shots.
  • DOS Screen Capture Capture DOS program screens that run under Windows.
  • Capture Mouse Cursor Capture the image of any mouse cursor. You cannot do this with the Windows PrintScreen button!
  • Color Reduction SnagIt can perform any level of color reduction, 1-bit to 32-bit, with many dithering and palette options. Grayscale and halftone options are also available.
  • Color Substitution Replace any color in the captured image. Great for eliminating dark backgrounds in captured images.
  • DDE Interface SnagIt is a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server. This enables DDE clients, such as Microsoft Word for Windows, to configure options and invoke captures. Developers using tools such as C++, Microsoft Visual Basic or Access can also control SnagIt/32 using DDE messages.
  • Mail Output Automatically send captured images from any MAPI enabled e-mail client.

Note: Most advanced features, including Text Conversion, Video Capture and Active Capture™, are only available in the 32 bit version.

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