Here's our Hardware Tip for.. August 13, 2004
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iPAQ Tips--Part 2 of 6
If you don't look carefully at the Getting Started Guide for your iPAQ 31/36/3700 Pocket PC, you might miss a crucial first step. Before you can use or charge the battery, you must first open a tiny sliding door on the bottom of the device and use the stylus to turn the enclosed switch to On.

You won't have to use this switch again, unless you need to store the device for an extended period of time, or need to perform a hard reset; but if you don't turn the switch on, you'll think you're Pocket PC is broken. The device won't work or even take a charge without this switch in the ON position.

Please note, that the iPAQ 38/3900 and 5400 series iPAQ do not have this switch.