Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. August 23, 2004
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DOS Print
There are actually several ways to print a text file while working at the Command Prompt. Assuming the file you want to print is in your current folder, you can type

print TextFile.txt

and press Enter. In this example, TextFile is the name of the file you want to print. You must use the extension. If you'd like to edit the file before you print it, type

edit TextFile.txt

and press Enter. This opens MS-DOS Edit. Edit the file and then press Alt, F, P to print it. If you'd prefer to use Notepad, you can do this from the Command Prompt as well. Just type

Notepad TextFile.txt

and press Enter. Notepad opens with TextFile.txt loaded. You can even use Notepad to print without going through the edit stage. Type

Notepad /p TextFile.txt

and press Enter. Notepad will open with the file loaded and print the file with no further input from you.