Here's our Hardware Tip for.. November 12, 2004
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Ultrathin Notebooks--Part 5 of 7
Before you buy an ultrathin notebook, consider carefully how you will transfer data back and forth between your ultrathin and your other computers (perhaps your home PC or your office desktop computer). Remember that you'll want to operate the ultrathin most of the time without having to attach the external (or snap-in) modules for the floppy and CD-ROM drives.

Fortunately, you can order even the slim base units of ultrathins with integrated analog modems, Ethernet adapters, or USB ports. Find out whether these come stock on the computer or whether you can customize the ultrathin to carry these integrated components. Thus, if you plan ahead, you can get your ultrathin preconfigured to allow transfer of data over the Internet, via a LAN, or directly from one PC to another through a USB PC-to-PC data-transfer cable.