Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. November 29, 2004
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The Art of Formatting
When you format a floppy disk, you have two options--you can use the default, standard formatting; or you can use Quick Format. Since Quick Format is so much faster than default, some people wonder why you wouldn't use the Quick Format all the time.

Quick formatting is great for when you just want to quickly wipe data off of a floppy disk when you don't care what's on it. A complete format, the default, does two things: it modifies the File Allocation Table (FAT), like a Quick Format; but also does a low-level format, checking each sector on the disk.

The long and short of it is this, if you're sure the disk is OK, and don't care about the security of the data, use Quick Format. If you really don't want anyone to recover any data on the disk, or if you're not certain if the disk is good, use the standard format.