Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 18, 2005
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Document Revisions--Part 1 of 6: Tracking Changes
Ask any attorney who regularly deals with contracts, and they'll tell you that the ability to track changes is one of the most important features of a word processor. Word 2000 offers great flexibility for tracking document revisions.

To get you started tracking document changes, choose Tools, Track Changes, Highlight Changes. Select both the Track Changes While Editing and Highlight Changes On Screen options and click OK. Word will now keep track of any revisions you make to the document, marking revisions in red and using strikethrough to indicate deletions and underlining to indicate additions. Using this feature, you can see exactly what you've changed and when (by rolling the cursor over the revised text), and you can refer to all your deleted text later. In our next tip, we'll discuss how to accept or reject individual changes.