Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 8, 2005
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Document Revisions--Part 3 of 6: Accepting Or Rejecting Changes All at
In this series of tips, we've discussed Word's revision-tracking capabilities. Today, we'll cover what to do if you want to accept all revision changes at once. It takes a certain amount of confidence to use this technique, as you have to be sure all revisions are exactly where you want them without looking at each individually.

But if you're someone who tracks changes purely as a precautionary measure, and not to go over in detail later, you'd probably feel comfortable with accepting your revisions in one fell swoop. To accept or reject all revision changes at once, right-click on any highlighted revision and select Accept Or Reject Changes. Click either the Accept All or Reject All button, and Word will ask you to verify your choice. Click Yes, and the changes will be implemented all at once.