Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. March 7, 2005
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A New Drive Letter
You can change and assign drive letters at will with Windows XP's Computer Management Console. To manage your disk drives and their designations, bring up the console by choosing Start, Programs, Administrative Tools. When the Console appears, click on the Disk Management icon in the Storage tree on the left.

After the Disk Management Service loads, you can view a list of your physical volumes in the upper right pane and a graphical view in the lower right pane. You'll also find your empty CD/DVD drives listed in the lower right pane.

To change drive letters, right click your drive of choice and choose, "Change Drive Letter and Paths." When the dialog appears, click the change button and choose your letter of choice in the drop down that appears. Click the OK button until you get back to the Console and then close it. The changes will take full effect once you restart the PC.