Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 15, 1999
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Pack and Go PowerPoint
You just spent all day working on that whiz-bang presentation, when you discover the size of the whole presentation is too large to fit onto a floppy, and you're due to give the presentation in the board room within the hour. What do you do now? Don't sweat it, use PowerPoint's Pack and Go Wizard to split your presentation up to fit on multiple floppies. It will even include the PowerPoint viewer so that you can run the show on any machine, even if it doesn't have PowerPoint installed.

The Pack and Go Wizard in PowerPoint assists you in packing your entire presentation (including all linked files and embedded fonts) and moving it to another computer. You can pack your presentation to floppy disks, to your hard drive, or directly to another computer on your network.

To start the Pack and Go Wizard, go to the menu and select File, then Pack and Go...