Here's our Hardware Tip for.. February 12, 1999
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Intel's Pentium II - issues
Intel's current "hot" CPU is the Pentium II. In reality, the Pentium II is little more than a faster Pentium Pro with MMX.

The Pentium II is distinct with the new SEC cartridge, replacing the older-style SPGA socket of the Pentium Pro and allowing more room on the motherboard.

Although the Pentium II is an excellent CPU it has some limitations that might cause trouble in the future. For example, it generates the greater-than 200-MHz speeds by using large multipliers of a 66-MHz bus clock, while Cyrix and AMD CPUs currently handle bus speeds approaching 100MHz. This points to easier upgradability for non-Intel chips in the future.

The SEC cartridge might also be a problem in that it is licensed by Intel. This prevents other CPU manufacturers from making CPUs that fit in the SEC's special 'slot 1' connection. While this might be a big opportunity for Intel to take even more market share, it virtually guarantees that many systems will continue to use the older SPGA-type Socket 7.