Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 5, 2005
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Charts--Part 2 of 5: Entering Data in the Datasheet
In this series of tips, we're examining the built-in chart features of Word. After you have created a chart, you can enter data in your chart using the datasheet. First determine what kind of data you want the chart to display. The default headings for your chart pertain to what seems to be some kind of vague financial data, with the vertical axis listing three different companies and the horizontal axis listing quarterly projections or earnings.

However, you aren't stuck with these vague headings. Depending on what kind of chart you're creating, you can give the headings any label you wish. Simply click in any of the heading boxes and start typing. You can also add or delete rows and columns much in the same way you would for a Word table.

Next time, we'll show you how to select different types of charts.