Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 12, 2005
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Charts--Part 3 of 5: Selecting Different Types of Charts
In this series of tips, we're examining the built-in chart features of Word 2000. By default, Word 2000 opens a simple chart that lists three kinds of data over four periods, but this is only one of an infinite number of possibilities for charts. The kind of data you're dealing with--and the way you want to present it--will dictate the formatting for your chart.

First, you need to insert a chart by selecting Insert, Picture, Chart. You can then choose the kind of chart you want to use by right-clicking on the chart and selecting Chart Type. You'll see upwards of a dozen different kinds of charts in the left column, more than we ever knew existed, including Doughnut charts (which unfortunately have nothing to do with measuring how delicious doughnuts are), Radar charts, and Column charts. Click on any of the charts in the left column, and on the right you'll see a handy one-line description and several examples of what the chart looks like. The best thing to do when you're just starting is to experiment with different chart types to see which best expresses the kind of data you're dealing with.