Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. April 25, 2005
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My Computer Tells All
You know you can double-click My Computer to access the disk drives, printer installation, the Control Panel, and dial-up networking. You can also use My Computer to obtain system information. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties. This opens the System Properties dialog box. You can right-click My Computer and choose Explorer to open My Computer in Explorer view.

Here's a My Computer trick that you might like to use: Double-click My Computer to open it. If you don't see the toolbar, then choose View, Toolbar to activate it. Now click the arrow at the right of the Address list box (right now the contents are My Computer). When the list expands, select Desktop. Now the window displays the contents of your desktop. You can minimize the window and choose it later from the taskbar when you need to get to one of the desktop icons.