Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 1, 1999
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Add Sound to PowerPoint presentations
If you'd like to add some background sound to your PowerPoint slide presentation, choose Insert, Movies and Sounds, from here you have several choices. You can select from Sound from Gallery, Sound from File, Play CD Audio Track or Record Sound.

The first two options, Sound from Gallery and Sound from File, allow you to plug in an existing sound file.

Record Sound lets you record something new, like a voice over comment using your PC's microphone. All of the three options above will place a small speaker icon in your presentation that when double-clicked will play the sound.

If you selected Play CD Audio Track, you can insert a CD sound object, and PowerPoint will open a dialog box in which you can set the playing conditions (number of tracks, which ones, loop, etc.). You can even set up the CD Audio option to play only a portion of the entire track. With the CD sound object in place, all you have to do is start your slide show and double-click on the object's icon, in this case a small CD icon. Just make sure the source CD is in your CD-ROM first.