Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 7, 1999
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Control Those Cookies
Are you trying to watch your cookie intake? Like many folks, you may be curious about which Web sites are sending and retrieving information about your visits, or you may be concerned about your privacy.

So, what's a cookie? Without getting too technical, a cookie is actually a file, created by your Web browser which can then be accessed by a Web server computer, which can then "learn" things about your Internet habits. Things like your general interests in Web sites, like where you go and when, and other information that make it easier for Web servers to say, target you with advertising banners.

Internet Explorer can help you keep an eye on cookies by warning you when a site tries to put one on your machine, or by blocking them altogether. Just choose View, Internet Options and select the Advanced tab. Your Cookie options are located in the Security section. You can choose between Always accept cookies, Prompt before accepting cookies, and Disable all cookie use. Make your selection, click Apply, and then click OK to put your choice into effect.