Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. July 6, 2005
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Desktop View
If you need quick access to your desktop items, check this out. The desktop is available as a toolbar on your PC's task bar. To make the desktop toolbar appear, do the following.

Right click the task bar, if there is a check besides Lock the Task bar, uncheck it. You will want it unlocked so you can put the new toolbar where you want it. Right click the task bar again and choose Toolbars and then click on Desktop. The Desktop tool bar should appear. Move your mouse over it, and drag it where you want it.

You can choose to show the tool bar tile and text lables or not by checking or uncheck the Show Text and Show Title options on the context menu when you right click it again. When you have everything where you want it, right click the task bar again, and choose Lock the Taskbar to insure that everything stays put.