Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. July 25, 2005
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More on the Command Prompt
In a recent tip, we described a way to mark, copy, and paste data in the command prompt window. In that tip, we suggested that you click the Command button and then choose Edit. From the Edit menu, choose Mark. You mark the area you want to copy using the mouse and then choose Command, Edit, Copy.

There's a way to speed up this operation: You can use QuickEdit mode. Right-click your Command Prompt icon and choose Properties. When the Properties dialog box opens, click the Options tab. Now select the check box labeled QuickEdit Mode and click OK.

Double-click the Command Prompt icon now. After the window opens, press the mouse button and drag across some text. You'll find that this selects the text now. To copy the selected text, right-click in the selected area. You can now move to another application's document, click in it, and press Ctrl-V to paste the data from the command prompt window.