Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. September 14, 2005
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Managing Disk Drives
Sometimes when you add a new drive to your computer, you may want it to have a specific drive designation or letter instead of an existing drive. This is especially useful if you install an additional CD/DVD drive and you want to keep the original drive, but have it appear after the new drive.

When you booted the PC after installing the new hardware, Windows automatically assigned it a drive letter. If it doesn't have the letter you want, you can change it in the Computer Management Console.

To do this, bring up the Computer Mangement Console by choosing Start--All Programs--Administrative Tools--Computer Management. Under the Storage tree, click Disk Management. After the console connects to the disk managment service, the bottom half of the right pane will list all of your drives, and their status. Find the CD drive you want to change the letter for and right click it, and choose Change drive letter and paths from the context menu. Click the Change button in the resulting dialog. Choose the drive letter you want in the drop down on the resulting dialog box and choose OK. Click OK again; and then close the Computer Management Console. You'll need to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.