Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. October 10, 2005
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Send to CD
Just about everybody knows you can use SendTo to quickly shoot files to different parts of your PC. You can also use SendTo to quickly create CD's and DVD's (if your PC supports it).

To create an optical disk with native Windows XP tools, find the files and folders you want to send to an optical disk and put them in a single, root folder. (While this is not required, we find it the easiest way to recreate the disc, if something goes wrong, and you end up with a coaster.) Once all of the files and folders are in that folder, select everything by pressing CTRL-A.

Right click the file list and choose SendTo, DVD/CD-RW Drive (or what ever Windows XP identifies your DVD or CD writer as). This will bring up a balloon in your System Tray, indicating that files are ready to be written to CD. Click the balloon. Choose File, Write these files to CD to create the CD.