Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. October 18, 2005
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Adding a Hyperlink to a Toolbar
In our previous tip, we showed you how to add a button to a toolbar. Today we'll show you how to add a button that is hyperlinked to a Web document.

Let's say you want to put a link on your Word toolbar to the Web site. Choose Tools, Customize to display the Customize dialog box, then click Commands. Insert a random button from the list on the right (it doesn't matter what the button is because we're going to change it) using the trick we showed you in our previous tip--by clicking the button and dragging it to a spot on the toolbar.

Once your button is on the toolbar, select a new image for it by right-clicking on it and clicking Change Button Image. With your new icon in place, right-click on the button and select Assign Hyperlink, Open. In the resulting dialog box, enter the name of the Web site you want to link to, in our case:

and then click OK. This Web page will be launched in your default Internet browser when you click the button.