Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. January 21, 1999
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Removing Desktop Integration
If you used the full install to put Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 on your computer and you may later decide that you don't like all the Web integration stuff since on some systems it slows things down. You'd like to get rid of it, but can you delete Web integration and still use Internet Explorer 4?

If you use Windows 95, yes. To remove Web integration, click Start, Settings, Control Panel. When Control Panel opens, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. Now, select Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and click Add/Remove. When the dialog box opens, select Remove the Windows Desktop Update component and click OK. This leaves the browser installed, but removes the Web integration.

Note: This procedure applies only to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 installed on either a Windows 95 or a Windows NT system, you cannot remove components of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 if you use Windows 98.