Here's our Hardware Tip for.. December 9, 2005
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MP3 Player Internal Storage
In terms of internal storage, MP3 player devices come in two basic categories: small (less than 1GB) and extra large (several gigabytes). The small storage devices use flash memory (currently with up to 512MB or 1GBB) and may feature removable media like memory cards. The extra large storage devices generally use a hard drive to store the digital tunes.

The tradeoffs between the two categories are: - Weight--The extra large storage devices weigh a pound or two more than the small ones. - Price--Expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars more for the extra large storage MP3 players. - Interface--The small devices will likely feature removable media that you can share with friends or use to exchange tunes between your desktop and your portable player. The extra large players generally must be connected to your desktop via cable for music downloads.