Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 11, 1999
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Tame those Office 97 Office Assistants
If you use Office Assistant, you might like to make it just a bit smaller than the default size. All you have to do is click Help to activate the Assistant and then use the mouse to drag it to a smaller size.

Even with the smaller size, you may not want the Office Assistant to open all the time. If you'd like to seek some help without the Assistant's input, just choose Help, then Contents and Index from the menu.

Here's another way to make the Assistant less obtrusive. By default, the Assistant makes noises when it appears and disappears. At first, you might think this is cute. But, when you get sick of the noises, right-click the Assistant and choose Options. Now locate and deselect the check box labeled Make sounds. Now click OK to save your selection and close the dialog box.

You can also move the Assistant up to the top of the screen in the toolbar area. If you close the Assistant in this position, it will appear there again the next time it opens.