Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. June 5, 2006
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Send It to Where Ever
With so many different USB flash and hard drives on the market today, you can quickly find yourself with a number of different storage possibilities. When you want to send files to these drives, its as easy as a right click on the file and choosing SendTo.

First you have to include the file in your SendTo menu. To do that, simply locate your SendTo folder. Its usually at

C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\SendTo

where User_Name is the user name you use to log into your computer.

Open My Computer, and right click on drive and then, without letting go of the right mouse button, drag the icon to the SendTo folder you just located. Release the right mouse button and create a shortcut to the drive in your SendTo folder.

Close My Computer and Windows Explorer. Now, when you right click on a file and choose SendTo, your drive will appear in the context menu and will copy there when you choose it.