Here's our Windows XP Tip for.. July 19, 2006
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Save it for Later
If you've ever wondered if there was an easy way to save my CHKDSK results, check this out. Let's suppose you'd like to save CHKDSK files using the current date.

To save the CHKDSK results to a text file, you can enter (at the Command Prompt)

chkdsk > 8_1_98.txt

and press Enter. You won't see anything happening while CHKDSK works, since all the data is going into your new file. To view the file, type

Notepad 8_1_98.txt

and press Enter. If you prefer a more readable file name, you can use quotes. For example,

chkdsk > "August 1, 1998.txt"

will work just fine. When you view the file with Notepad, you'll need to use quotes there too. Type

Notepad "August 1, 1998.txt"

and press Enter.