Here's our Hardware Tip for.. July 28, 2006
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Wireless e-Mail
You now have several options for portable access to the wireless Web or email. You could pick one of the ubiquitous Palm devices, or a Pocket PC like the Compaq iPAQ, or a Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry, among other devices.

How do you decide among devices? If possible give each device a test run in a store. However, if your main focus is email, consider which text input technique best suites your style. Palms and iPAQ let you handwrite with a stylus or pick letters (via stylus again) on a virtual keyboard. With BlackBerry devices, you use your fingers (mainly your thumbs) to select keys from a mini-QWERTY keyboard. Most people find the Blackberry method to be quicker than the other techniques, but you should decide for yourself.