Here's our Hardware Tip for.. September 1, 2006
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MP3 Player Removable Media
As mentioned in the last tip, an MP3 player that offers removable media makes it easy to share tunes with friends and exchange music between your desktop (or other hardware) and your player.

But, you need to be careful.Consider carefully which type of removable media best suites your life before you buy a particular player. For example, if your friends all use one type of removable media, like Sony's Memory Stick, and yours uses Iomega's PocketZip, you won't often exchange tunes. Likewise, if you have no other device that reads the removable media offered by your MP3 player--it won't be of much use.

NOTE: Much of today's digital music is copyrighted. Exchanging or trading copywritten music without proper authorization is considered piracy, and is likely illegal. This tips assumes that the files you trade are either covered under Fair Use, or are not copyrighted works.